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Telerik Earns Multiple TrustRadius Best of Development 2021 awards

Telerik has won Best Feature Set and Best Customer Support.


Telerik UI Earns TrustRadius' 2021 Top Rated Award

外围买球365 Telerik UI has earned TrustRadius’ Top Rated Award for Software Components and .NET Development.


Key Features

Extensive Set of Controls

Silverlight的Telerik UI包含了广泛的控件——从像Rating这样的小型UI组件到像GridView这样强大的数据驱动控件. 该套件提供了各种数据可视化工具,允许您以多种不同的方式显示和编辑数据. 在GridView或电子表格中操作行数据,然后通过PivotGrid将其可视化, or any of the other charting and diagramming tools. 从许多组件中选择日常或业务计划,例如ScheduleView,用户可以轻松地计划他们的一天,以及GanttView,它允许用户可视化和管理任何项目计划数据. Silverlight的Telerik UI为各种需求和选项提供了完整的可定制UI控件, which makes it the ideal choice for any Line of Business Application.

Professional-Looking Themes

通过应用外围买球365的内置主题,为您的应用程序提供专业的外观. Silverlight舰船的Telerik UI,有十多个专业设计的主题. Windows8 and Windows8Touch let you apply styling in real-time. 而新的Visual Studio 2013主题模仿了VS 2013的外观和感觉.Themes include:

  • Visual Studio 2013  
  • Office2013
  • Windows8
  • Windows8Touch
  • Summer
  • Vista
  • Windows7
  • Expression_Dark
  •  Transparent
  • Office_Black
  • Office_Blue
  • Office_Silver

Take a look at the Color Theme Generator to see some of the themes in action and customize color palettes.

Exceptional Performance and User Experience

Silverlight的Telerik UI通过提供UI和数据虚拟化来增强用户体验. 使用Telerik UI控件显示大量的数据,几乎没有性能的权衡. 您所得到的是卓越的性能和圆滑的终端用户体验. Telerik UI Controls make your apps fast by:
  • Producing minimal and clean XAML
  • 允许您只加载应用程序的当前视图中的数据
  • Implementing lazy loading – loading data only when it is requested
  • Minimizing memory usage, robust code free from memory leaks

Intuitive API

Silverlight的Telerik UI学习曲线很短,而且很容易使用. The suite provides for:
  • 与Visual Studio工具箱无缝集成,可快速拖放使用
  • Feature configuration using Design-time Wizards
  • Easy to learn API
  • The Telerik UI Controls API is a close mirror of Microsoft. 如果你使用过Silverlight框架和微软的XAML控件, you’ll get up and running fast in Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight

Document Processing

Take advantage of the RadSpreadProcessing, RadSpreadStreamProcessing, RadWordsProcessing, RadPdfProcessing and libraries, which enable the processing of the most common text, spreadsheet, 和PDF文件格式,无需安装Microsoft Office或其他第三方库. 现在,应用程序用户可以创建、加载和修改各种格式的文档,包括:

  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • CSV
  • Tab-delimited

使您的应用程序能够无缝地导出和导入文档,或者将文档从一种格式转换为另一种格式. In addition, zip库允许您使用支持的各种压缩机制创建和修改存档, so you can transfer data faster and secure.


MVVM Support

通过从工具箱中拖放复杂控件的能力,软件开发变得更加容易, wire up a few events, receive quick functionality, and then move on to the next work item. Those functionalities, however, do not guarantee that the software created is well structured, easily extensible, and unit testable. MVVM resolves those issues. Telerik UI for Silverlight fully supports MVVM, allowing you to create reliable, well-structured and easily maintainable applications.

Export Support

导出不同控件显示的数据,该功能使您的用户即使在应用程序关闭后也可以查看和操作他们的数据. Silverlight的Telerik UI为你提供了开箱即用的导出功能和选项. 大多数数据驱动控件允许您将数据导出为各种格式.

Drag and Drop Support

许多Silverlight的Telerik UI都内置了拖放支持. 该套件还提供了一个DragDropManager,可以轻松地集成到您的解决方案中,实现任何拖放场景.

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Support and Learning

Theme Generator

Color Theme Generator for XAML

Want to experiment with design and colors? We offer full color customization to cover any app requirements. 颜色主题生成器使您可以调整主题颜色,并立即看到结果!

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Most Popular Telerik UI for Silverlight Components

Silverlight的Telerik UI提供了100多个UI控件,用于构建功能强大、引人入胜的业务线应用程序. 探索300多个示例、大量源代码和真实世界的示例应用程序.

Sample APPs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The application showcases how an inspiring UI, 复杂的后台逻辑和无缝的用户体验可以用Silverlight的Telerik UI结合起来. 它在处理大量数据的同时提供了实时响应能力.

Industry-Leading Support

Expert and Timely Response

为Silverlight构建外围买球365 Telerik UI的开发人员会回答你可能遇到的任何问题, even during your trial, to make sure your project always gets delivered on time.

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New Features

Telerik UI for WPF - MaskedInput - Regex Support Small Image

Regex Support in the MaskedInput Control


Telerik UI for WPF ChartView Animations Small Image

New Series Animations in the ChartView component


WPF和Silverlight的Telerik UI - RichTextBox -格式画家图像小

Format Painter Support in RichTextBox

使用Format Painter功能在应用程序中启用高级文本格式.


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